Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about PSD2 and SCA?

We’ve got you covered.

Why have we changed our brand?

The change has been brought about to coincide with the evolution of our payments offering to include a full suite of omnichannel payment methods, including point-of-sale, e-commerce, MOTO and email payments.

The new name signals our continuing commitment to building strong and healthy relationships with all of our merchants and partners. Trust is the top priority in our approach to business, and we now wear this proudly as an emblem.

Why have we launched the new website?

The new-look website aims to make it simpler for all of our customers make the most of our services, and have a valuable resource of information to draw on 24/7. The new website coincides with our launch as TRU//ST Payments, and our new omnichannel payment solution.

Will merchants and partners be affected by the change?

There is no action required from any of our merchants or partners – business continues as normal.

Will the change be reflected in billing?

Our company name on your bill will not change, and will still appear as STL or STFS, depending on which of our services you use.

Is 3-D Secure mandatory?

In most cases 3-D Secure is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.  It is however compulsory when processing Maestro cards. Some acquiring banks require that you use 3-D Secure. Please check with your acquiring bank before making any decisions on this.

Can I re-authorise transactions in STPP?

There is a fully integrated Re-Auth button that is available at the bottom of every transaction you have processed in MyST, allowing you to re-attempt another payment against that card.

Please note: re-authorisations will not include the Security Code. You may be charged extra fees from your acquiring bank, please check with them before re-authorising!

I am looking at additional payment methods. What do you support?

We support many Additional Payment Methods (APMs) such as ApplePay, PayPal, AliPay, Sofort and PaySafe.  A comprehensive list of supported APM’s is available by contacting one of our account managers.

Our full support documentation can be found here