A new kind of merchant acquirer that goes beyond simply processing transactions.

When you are integrating your system into Secure Trading, it is important to test the various payment methods and responses that you are likely to receive when processing payments. The below table contains test data that can be used while your site is in TEST mode, they will produce specific responses and ensure that you can test thoroughly without risking using real card information.

It should be noted that these are TEST card details, and will not return the expected responses in a LIVE environment.

Card Type Authorisation Decline
VISA 4111110000000211 4111110000000112
DELTA 4310720000000091 4310720000000042
PURCHASING 4484000000000411 4484000000000312
ELECTRON 4245190000000311 4245190000000212
MASTERCARD 5100000000000511 5100000000000412
MASTERCARDDEBIT 5124990000000101 5124990000000002
MAESTRO 5000000000000611 5000000000000512
DINERS 3000000000000111 3000000000000012
DISCOVER 6011000000000301 6011000000000202
JCB 3528000000000411 3528000000000312
AMEX 340000000000611 340000000000512
VPAY 4370000000000061 4370000000000012