ST-1 is a platform developed specifically for gaming operators that need to achieve the very highest levels of compliance. ST-1 manages every step of the transaction process, from player registration through to withdrawal, with a full end-to-end audit trail that satisfies all stakeholders, from state legislators to banks. ST-1 gives you access to a wealth of sophisticated services, including a fully-integrated prepaid solution for player deposits and withdrawals.

New player accesses the operator’s site and registers:

  • Player’s age, identity and location are verified, using a range of sophisticated tools, OFAC and PEP

Every time the player logs on:

  • Unique session ID is generated, creating a clear audit trail
  • Checks are performed, location, problem gambling, OFAC and PEP

Player adds payment cards:

  • Credit, debit and prepaid options held in our secure tokenised database

Secure payment processing with authorisation optimization is provided by the Secure Trading network

Player withdraws winnings with ease and confidence:

  • To prepaid card
  • Via check

Player is registered, has deposited and is ready to play

Automated reconciliation and back office management

Problem gambling controls protect both players and operators