Recurring Payments

Process payments automatically at regular intervals

Recurring payments are also known as repeat payments, subscriptions and continuous transactions. They are used when your customers wish to make credit or debit card payments at regular intervals, and are applicable to various situations, from monthly subscriptions or membership fees to payday loans or purchase by instalment. Recurring payments work like standing orders or direct debits, but funds are taken directly from the card rather than the bank account.

Secure Trading’s recurring payments solution is easy to set up and maintain and allows you to process transactions on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis – you choose. You manage recurring payments alongside one-off transactions through a single transaction tool, MyST.

Convenience for you and your customers

You want smooth but flexible processes on both sides.
With Secure Trading’s recurring payments solution, all repeat transactions are streamlined for both you and your customers. Your customers don’t have to remember to make a payment each time, and changing either the payment amount or date is straightforward.

Security and compliance

You want a solution that’s PCI compliant as standard.
Recurring payments with Secure Trading does not involve the storage of any card details, so you don’t need to worry about achieving PCI compliance.