Protect Plus

An additional layer of counter-fraud protection

Payment fraud should be at the top of the agenda for any ecommerce merchant. It affects all sectors and all geographies, and has far-reaching consquences. The financial loss alone can be enormous, but it also damages brand reputation, increases costs and can ruin the customer experience.

At Secure Trading we place security at the heart of everything we do, so a core counter-fraud product, Protect, comes as standard with every payment processing solution we deliver. It includes:

  • 3-D Secure
  • CVV2, CVC2 and CSC security codes
  • An address verification system
  • Quarantine services
  • Encryption
  • Duplicate checks

However, for many organisations, it is useful to implement an additional layer of protection. Perhaps you operate in a particularly high risk sector, or your customers typically display unusual buying patterns that sit outside standardised counter-fraud processes, so you suffer ‘false positives’. Maybe you simply want to take another step towards maximising genuine transactions and giving your customers the best online experience possible.

Secure Trading has worked with ACI Worldwide, a global market-leading provider of bespoke counter-fraud solutions, to create Protect Plus, a highly sophisticated counter-fraud package, tailored to your individual needs. Alongside the above elements, it incorporates:

  • Unlimited bespoke rules for accepting and querying transactions
  • Data attributes enhanced with the use of neural modules
  • Identity checks against the UK electoral roll and BT databases (including ex-directory)

Protect Plus can be implemented easily alongside other Secure Trading solutions. Monthly fees are low, and tiered based on transaction volume, so you can be sure you are getting the best value package for your business.

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