Mobile Payment Processing Optimisation

Capitalise on growing numbers of mobile internet users

Mobile internet use is growing at a dramatic rate. In 2013 it was estimated that 15% of all internet traffic was via smartphones and tablets – which means that not having a website appropriate for mobile use is the equivalent of closing your shop one day a week. That percentage is increasing all the time.

So if you operate in the ecommerce space and want to maximise revenue, it is essential that you also think about mobile commerce – mcommerce.

An effective mcommerce solution doesn’t just shrink your desktop site to fit. It automatically alters the entire structure of your website when viewed on a mobile device, ensuring that user journeys, menu buttons, images and text are tailored to deliver an intuitive experience. Crucially, it incorporates the checkout and payment process, ensuring that transactions are fulfilled as often as possible.

Secure Trading’s payment processing is fully integrated with a number of leading mobile solutions providers. We also partner with MoPowered, a cutting-edge provider of mcommerce solutions, in order to offer you a complete, end-to-end platform, which supports a wide range of payment methods.

Security and compatibility

You want to maintain strict security standards across mobile.
Our mobile optimisation solution is PCI DSS compliant and is fully compatible with 3-D Secure and Secure Trading’s Protect Plus service, so you can have complete confidence in its security.

Simple management

You want to incorporate reporting into existing management tools.
Payment reconciliation takes place via the same MyST portal as the rest of your account management, so you can track all transactions through one reporting interface.

Increase conversions

You want to attract and retain a new kind of customer.
According to Google, 50% of mobile searches lead to purchases. Our solution will help you become part of that statistic.