Merchant Account Services

Merchant accounts with a range of global acquirers

Are you new to online payments? If you are looking for an internet merchant account as well as a payment services provider, Secure Trading merchant services can help you.

We can broker the best deal for your merchant account with the most suitable acquiring bank, and offer highly competitive rates on a payment gateway and a virtual terminal service.

The right account for your business

Use our insider knowledge to find the right acquirer

It can be difficult to obtain a merchant account when first starting out, but with our global network of partners we can help you to obtain your internet merchant ID (MID). We identify the most appropriate acquirer for your organisation and negotiate the very best rates for you.

Our merchant account services are designed so that when you use a Secure Trading payment gateway you will benefit from the most reliable and secure online payment processing possible. You can tailor your payment gateway to the requirements of your businesses and MOTO transaction processing is fully integrated from the start.

Fast MID approval

Get your internet merchant account

As part of our merchant services at Secure Trading we maintain a truly global network of acquirers who can give you a MID extremely quickly, relative to your business profile.

Find a suitable acquirer

If you are a merchant in a high risk sector our broad network of acquiring banks and extensive knowledge of risk management will allow us to create you an accurate risk profile, and then place your merchant account with the acquirer which suits you best.

Reliable customer support

Work with total peace of mind

Contact us on 0333 240 6000 if you have any questions about our services, or if you would like to get your own merchant account our customer service desk is always ready to assist you. Customers from a wide variety of sectors praise our team for their friendly and useful support .