International logistics and shipping

Take your business global

International ecommerce expansion can be tough. There are risks attached to accepting foreign payments. Your infrastructure and IT are likely to need additional investment. Middle-men and reams of paperwork are involved with processes like shipping, logistics and customs.

But there is a way to take your business global – seamlessly – with Secure Trading and our partner SwipeZoom.

Secure Trading has integrated SwipeZoom’s Global Ecommerce Adaptor into our payment processing platform. It lets you sell and ship your products globally from your own website, with the minimum of complexity.

An entirely localised experience is created for each international customer, not just converting pricing into their own currency, but also address and contact forms into localised formats. There is also the option for your customers to prepay guaranteed duties and taxes, and insure their order, giving them complete visibility over their order and additional charges.

SwipeZoom’s fully automated solution manages all currency conversions, fills in and processes customs documentation, and arranges local customs clearance. All you need to do is pack the order and print the shipping label, which the Global Ecommerce Adaptor has already filled in for you with all relevant information. Once the order is packed and ready, we notify our express courier to collect the package from you directly.

Customer care

You want to offer your international customers the same ease of process as domestic ones.
The Global Ecommerce Adaptor allows you to give all customers the most personalised, transparent and efficient process, prioritising their shopping experience and in turn increasing your own completed transactions.

Simple management

You want full control and visibility over international sales.
You get access to a customised order management system, which enables them to view all your international orders as they come in, in real time.