Multi-Currency Payment Solutions

Localised options for international payments

The ecommerce landscape is truly international, and capitalising on this is at the heart of Secure Trading’s ethos. We have worked hard to build truly global networks of acquirers and technology partners, as well as offering services that help you make the most of the global online payments opportunity.

Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) converts the cost of a transaction into a credit or debit cardholder’s local currency. Settlement still takes place in your base currency, but foreign exchange rates are fixed at the point of sale.

Secure Trading can help you implement DCC across all Visa and MasterCard transactions via our hosted payment pages solution. It can be used by organisations of any size, from SMEs through to multinationals. If you expect to receive a significant number of foreign credit or debit card transactions, DCC can be a valuable means of both improving customer experience across your website and generating additional revenue for your business.

Localised experience

You want to give your international customers an efficient and transparent online shopping experience.
Our DCC solution lets your customers make price comparisons between your base currency and one they are more familiar with, giving them a more tailored shopping journey and greater cost visibility. You demonstrate your commitment to customer experience and in turn they are encouraged to spend with you.

Additional revenue

You want to improve revenue from international transactions.
By implementing DCC you can generate new revenue from transactions that you are already accepting. You receive commission on every currency conversion, because the foreign exchange rate is automatically added at the point of sale.