Card store and tokenisation

Reduce your PCI DSS compliance costs

Card store and tokenisation eliminate both the need for you to transmit sensitive card details to Secure Trading and the need for your customers to repeatedly enter their debit and credit card details. Regulatory compliance and customer experience are improved in one simple step.

Built into the Secure Trading API, our card store and tokenisation solutions provide you with a reference number (or token) that is used in place of the card number for all refunds or repeat transactions.

Tokenisation allows you to generate this token as part of the transaction, while card store allows you to generate it without, for example as part of a customer sign up process. It is estimated that by using either tokenisation or card store you can cut your PCI compliance bill by more than 50%, because both solutions take care of the storage of card numbers, a crucial element of PCI compliance.

Repeat transactions

You want to speed up processes for returning customers.
Our card store and tokenisation solutions improve efficiency for managing refunds, and give your customers a more tailored experience when they return to your website, removing the requirement for repeated entry of card details.

Additional features

You want to implement add-ons such as order tracking and marketing research.
Card store and tokenisation both enable such additional features. The signup or registration process allows you to capture useful marketing information that can be leveraged elsewhere in your business.