Call centre and interactive voice response (IVR)

Secure and simple payment processing for call centres

MOTO payment processing is automatically incorporated into the Secure Trading payment gateway, but we also offer ancillary telephone payments services to add additional layers of security and efficiency.

Many customers are uncomfortable reading their card details over the phone, and keeping your call centre PCI compliant can be a logistical challenge. So at Secure Trading we work closely with IP3 Telecom, one of the first hosted telecommunications providers in the UK to achieve PCI DSS compliance. Together we can offer you a highly secure telephone payment system that removes your call centre from the scope of PCI DSS compliance.

The fully automated interactive voice response (IVR) solution means that your customers can key in their card details using their telephone keypad – without ever losing contact with your call centre agents. Keypad tones are muted at the agent’s side for additional security.

AN IVR solution with IP3 Telecom and Secure Trading is the ideal combination of sophisticated security and customer service, ensuring you deliver the most robust and secure payment processing over the phone, without compromising communication with your customers.

Flexible integration

You want to tailor the service to your exact requirements.
Each implementation with IP3 Telecom is bespoke, so you can be sure it will match your exact requirements.

IP3 Telecom