Later this week Secure Trading will be hosting a Rugby Business Network event with special guest Ben Ryan, Head Coach of Fiji 7s.

As Principal Partner of England Sevens, the players take to the pitch with Secure Trading’s name emblazoned on their jerseys. Dynamism, teamwork and passion are just three of the characteristics that both England Sevens and Secure Trading share, and every day each strives to improve in ever-competitive and ever-evolving global fields.

However, Secure Trading are not only involved in top-level rugby. We have a strong commitment to the grassroots game and as such we’re committed to investing in the future.

Secure Trading 24 Sevens

Away from the limelight, but of no less significance, Secure Trading are backing youth and grassroots rugby initiatives and tournaments. Now in its third year, the Secure Trading 24 Sevens is one such tournament giving local teams the chance to compete for a national crown. Hundreds of teams compete through local and regional qualifiers with finals day held on the elite Premiership pitch at Bath Recreation Ground.

Old Elthamians RFC

Secure Trading is also the main club sponsor of the Old Elthamians RFC. We support players from youth rugby right up to the first team who play in National League One, as well as the women’s team. Over the years of Secure Trading’s involvement the club has grown and prospered, and is now one of the top amateur clubs in the country at both senior and junior level. All OE’s players – young and old – develop qualities of teamwork, passion and commitment that are important qualities for success both on the rugby pitch and in life.

Through Old Elthamians, Secure Trading also sponsor St Mary’s University rugby team, who have an academy partnership with OE’s. In the future we will look to nurture this relationship, offering corporate sponsorship as well as graduate opportunities with Secure Trading.

Restart Rugby

Former professional rugby players can have a challenging time when they stop playing. As with any sport, professional rugby is all-consuming, and this can make transitioning into life post-rugby difficult. Secure Trading has partnered with Restart Rugby for major rugby events including the Twickenham 7s, and will continue to do so in the future. Restart Rugby are a charity that provides support for ill and injured players during and after their rugby careers. These players have a particularly tough time when careers are cut short, and many need a range of financial, educational and emotional guidance. The work that Restart Rugby do is inspirational, and we are delighted to pledge our support.

Life After Rugby

Amateur and professional rugby players have a lot to offer the corporate world. The skills developed on the rugby pitch are skills that are valued in the boardroom too. Secure Trading has long recognised how talented rugby players make excellent members of our sales, marketing and account management teams. In conjunction with Old Elthamians we employ several former and current players, providing them with career opportunities and the right level of work-life balance needed to pursue their career on the rugby pitch too.

Building the Future of the Game

Here at Secure Trading we’re passionate about the game of rugby, whether at the grassroots or professional level. We not only want to support the current stars of the game, but also the future stars and the stars of yesteryear, ensuring that all involved can enjoy the game and get out what they put in.

If the players and the game inspire you, please consider making a donation to Restart Rugby and make a difference to rugby players and their families.