Omnichannel Solution

Let your customers pay the way they want to. Our complete omnichannel payments solution has customer convenience at its core.


TRU//ST have been driving online payment innovation for two decades. We help merchants to build online stores with simple and beautiful payment pages. Our flexible integrations and array of payment methods allow you to create the perfect checkout experience for your customers.


TRU//ST’s state-of-the-art card machines use cloud-based technology to make payments fast and convenient for a cashless economy. We have a range of payment terminals, and will help you to choose the devices that your business needs.


Accept mail and telephone order payments (MOTO) using our virtual terminal. Details can be taken from the customer while they’re on-the-go, and submitted into the virtual terminal’s secure system.

Pay by Link

ST PayMe allows you to take payments via email. Simply send the secure payment link to your customers, without the need for a website.

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