The Potential of Blockchain

money remittance forum

As part of our Innovation in Money Remittance Forum  on the 27th April 2016 Mustafa Al-Bassam – IT Security Advisor at Secure Trading, will be discussing and demonstrating the potential of block chain technology. Mustafa will be discussing the latest developments of use cases for block chain technology, including the rise of “smart contracts” – programmable, automatically enforced contracts on the block chain that allow companies to do business directly with each other – and uses of the Bitcoin block chain for document verification and fingerprinting for applications in AML and fraud prevention.

To showcase how block chain technology can be used as a ledger for just about any kind of data, Mustafa will be exploring the latter use case by demoing a concept called “proof of existence” – a way of fingerprinting a document on the Bitcoin block chain to cryptographically prove its integrity and timestamp, making it forgery-proof.

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