handles busiest sales period of the year

Secure Trading Financial Services (STFS) announced an exceptional sales period from its first major customer within the online florist market,, the UK’s leading independent online florist. STFS has successfully supported Serenata through the weeks surrounding Valentines and Mothers’ Day, the busiest sales period of the year in the floristry industry. Serenata needed a reliable acquiring partner in order to process the huge volume of transactions expected during this extremely busy seasonal sales period, which proved to be a tremendous success for the retailer.

Launched in July 2014, STFS is an acquiring financial institution that has the ability to get merchants up and running incredibly quickly via its unique paperless merchant boarding process. In the case of Serenata, STFS was able to issue a merchant number in a matter of a few days and has been processing its Visa and MasterCard transactions since the start of the year.

Serenata originally spoke to STFS as it needed an acquirer that would be able to meet its specific requirements and process across Europe. STFS was able to meet these needs and get it set up quickly with both a full acquiring and gateway solution.

“We launched Secure Trading Financial Services for ecommerce companies like Serenata, which are looking for a one stop shop solution for all their payment needs across Europe” said Mike Norton managing director at STFS. “Serenata is a model customer in our focus on merchants in this sector and many others, and is part of an exciting period for the company in its growth curve. It’s also a real sign of intent for STFS that we’re able to meet the needs of a company with this kind of profile and size, during one of the busiest sales periods of the year. Indeed, our systems and infrastructure are purposely designed to meet these customers’ demands and spikes in volume with ease.”
“Valentines is obviously an extremely busy time for us,” said Martin Johansson, Serenata Flowers managing director, “but mothers will be pleased to know that the build up to Mother’s Day actually eclipses it in terms of purchases made. These weeks represent a vital period for any online florist, so you need everything to function perfectly – be it the website that faces the customer, our delivery services or our backend systems. Having been with Secure Trading Financial Services since the start of the year, we knew we were in safe hands on that front. The team has been extremely supportive and has done a great job of taking away the headache of processing payments.”

STFS and online florists: A perfect fit

Online stores are replacing brick and mortar shops worldwide and the same is true in floristry, with Serenata a major player in this booming online industry. STFS is a perfect fit for these merchants for a number of reasons including:

  • 48 hour on-boarding – Via its unique paperless merchant boarding process, STFS is able to get merchants up and running incredibly quickly, in little as 48 hours if required. This is an attractive prospect for any industry, especially so in floristry where things can move at a rapid pace and where seasonal sales activities are vital
  • A one stop shop – Online florists can take advantage of STFS’ incredibly flexible, tailored payment processing solutions. This includes the ability to settle funds quickly and implement additional functionality such as virtual terminals or recurring payments with ease. Multicurrency options are also available, for florists looking to take advantage of a truly global marketplace and expand their business

Security and PCI compliance – No ecommerce operation can ignore Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), STFS offers expert advice on regulatory compliance via its sister company, Cognosec, a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). Cognosec is certified by the PCI Security Standards Council to assess organisations’ compliance levels and provides services including PCI vulnerability scans, gap assessments, on-site assessments, remediation and a security awareness programme. With STFS and Cognosec doing the heavy lifting, online florists can do what they do best and focus on running their business operations.

About Secure Trading
Secure Trading Financial Services Ltd (STFS) is a new kind of acquirer.

Secure Trading Financial Services Ltd is a Financial Institution licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”) and also a Principle Member of Visa and MasterCard enabling us to deliver an end-to-end acquiring service across Europe.