Secure Trading helps companies expand abroad with brace of international currency solutions

In an increasingly competitive domestic market, many UK retailers are seeking to expand overseas. Ecommerce Expo 2011 will see Secure Trading, the UK’s leading independent payment processor launch their Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Sofortüberweisung solutions to assist customers expanding internationally.

DCC allows credit cards holders to have the cost of a transaction converted to their local currency when making a payment in a foreign currency, so they instantly know the price, therefore boosting their propensity to buy.

DCC also enables retailers to generate new revenue from transactions they are currently accepting, because they can earn commission on currency conversion.

Sofortüberweisung allows customers to pay merchants from their internet bank account, again with the benefit of dramatically reducing the risks of chargebacks. Sofortüberweisung is widely used in Austria, Belgium, Germany (51.4%* of all Germans prefer to use Sofortüberweisung) and to a lesser extent the Netherlands and the UK.

Tim Allitt, Head of Sales & Marketing, Secure Trading, said, “Successful expansion in one country can be a springboard for further success elsewhere and it.s key to provide the right methods of payment in particular markets. By launching Dynamic Currency Conversion and Sofortüberweisung, Secure Trading is demonstrating its international credentials and helping its customers grow in new markets by providing them with the correct tools to do business”.

* EuPD Research and Paypal Germany