Cyber Security Forum 2015 – Turning the tide against Cyber Crime

An event review – Cyber Security Forum 2015

Secure Trading and fellow group company Cognosec invited a panel of renowned cyber security leaders for a unique open discussion on this hot topic at the Churchill War Rooms on 1st July.

Considering the sweltering heat (36C/97F), the choice of the Churchill War Rooms couldn’t have been better, a fantastic venue, deep underground with ice cold air conditioning and drinks.

Hamsworth room Secure trading cyber security

The heat didn’t put off the attendees, a packed room emphasising the interest in cyber security of this invite only event. The event started with a short intro from Kobus Paulsen Chairman of UC Group on the challenges businesses are facing with regards to cyber security.

Oliver Eckel – Cognosec CEO, provided an overview of the type of services provided to a range on national and international clients across a range of sectors. It’s a secretive business – so no case studies I’m afraid.

The Live Hack

Sebastian Strobl (Cognosec) demonstrated a ‘real life’ live hack scenario to the audience. Using a number of readily available hard and software tools he was easily able to identify the most comment access points that the attendees phones had connected to wirelessly. He then created an ‘Evil access point’ and diverted phones to connect to this automatically as he jammed one of the other access points peoples phones had connected to. In all, the process took 5 minutes. If the data had been stored it would have enabled him to capture users’ passwords and email addresses and any login data from all phones!

The Cyber Security Forum Panel

Rt. Hn. David Blunkett – MP & Non-executive director of Cognosec

Graham Cluley – Public speaker and independent computer security analyst

Neira Jones – Independent advisor & international speaker

Oliver Eckel – Chief Executive Officer of Cognosec

Mustafa Al-Bassam – Former Anonymous hacktivist

The panel discussions were run under Chatham house rules.

Key discussion points included

The panel were concerned about the new government proposals for changes to security encryption the general consensus being that there were a number of ethical and privacy issues raised by the proposals. This was backed up by the event attendee’s

The panel agreed that there was a general lack of understanding and due diligence in the supply chain that was leading to security issues. This backs up a number of recent reports on the lack of cyber security awareness within the SME sector.

Security breaches should be made public. Greater awareness within the public eye of hacking incidents will force business to improve security. The main issue stopping this is fear of reputation damage.

The next twelve months will see greater issues with mobile fraud and a move towards biometric type security.

During the discussions the event attendee’s where asked to contribute to an interactive opinion poll around various cyber security questions. Watch this space for an update on the results.

Following a round of Q&A canapés and drinks were served allowing attendee’s to network and enjoy the entire war room’s museum.

Do you have concerns about cyber security? If so please call on 0808 271 4142 to find out how we can help you. If you missed the cyber security forum event and would like to attend similar events please register your interest at [email protected]