cyber security evening

Similar to how a magician hacks our reality through tricks and illusions, cyber hackers slip through the cracks of our systems, unnoticed, gaining virtual access into real life data.
With technology developing at a dramatic speed, what magic formula will protect us against cybercrime?

Payments experts Secure Trading and cyber security specialists Cognosec will join forces to tackle these issues and discuss, other topics such as; how the speed of technological innovation is currently out-pacing updates in regulation, resulting in weak security provisioning.

Within the relaxed and informal atmosphere of Kolariks Luftburg – a renowned Viennese venue – Our Cyber Security Experts will demonstrate via a live demo how connected systems and digital currencies offer a virtual backdoor to cyber criminals. Other topics to be covered:

  • If legislation and security safeguarding have (or have not?) kept up to date with the changes in technology
  • What are the risks associated with digital currencies
  • What impact will the evolution of the Internet of Things (I.O.T.) have on the industry?

The event, supported by the Merchant Risk Council (MRC), will be held on 20th September, one day prior the MRC EU Platinum Meeting (also held in Vienna) where Secure Trading CCO, Jens Bader, will take part as a speaker.

To find out more about the Cyber Security Evening and register to attend, visit  or e-mail [email protected]