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MyST is a secure interface providing online real-time access to your payment history. The status of every transaction can be tracked, allowing your Secure Trading account to be managed more effectively.

Using MyST you can:

  • View, refund, repeat or reverse your credit and debit card transactions in one place
  • Set permission levels for different types of users
  • Specify the settlement date of your card transactions
  • Change the amount of the transaction
  • Download transaction details and export into your accounting software
  • Upload and manage payment pages and email templates to our secure servers
  • Pay your Secure Trading invoices easily via credit or debit card
  • Authorise payments that cannot be processed online – for example, telephone orders and orders by post via your Virtual Terminal for MOTO transactions
  • Access and view your PayPal transactions
  • Access Secure Trading Identity Check and Secure Trading Card Check

For more information please contact our support team on 01248 672050.

Where is the File Manager?

This will be available only to users that have a qualifying User Role, 2-Step Authentication and a valid IP address listed on their username.

Can I re-authorise transactions in STPP?
There is a fully integrated Re-Auth button that is available at the bottom of every transaction you have processed in MyST, allowing you to re-attempt another payment against that card.

Please note: re-authorisations will not include the Security Code. You may be charged extra fees from your acquiring bank, please check with them before re-authorising!

Are refunds, authorisations, settlements and fraud/risk checks supported?

Yes, these features are fully supported.

How long does it take to receive the platform credentials?
These will be sent out by the support team once they’ve been set up after your contract has been signed with your account manager.  Account Credentials are usually supplied within a 48-hour period.
Do I have to request to go live?
Yes, you must send an email to [email protected] requesting for your account to be switched into live mode.

Please note:  this is only possible after you have received the email informing you that your merchant number has been successfully tested!

Is 3-D Secure mandatory?
In most cases 3-D Secure is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.  It is however compulsory when processing Maestro cards. Some acquiring banks require that you use 3-D Secure. Please check with your acquiring bank before making any decisions on this.
I’ve forgotten my administrator password, what do I do?
Send an email to [email protected] from an authorised contact, provide your MyST username and request a password reset.
Can I allow individual access to the MyST area i.e. provide each user with their own login details?
Yes, the Site Admin (main user) can create other users and provide them with their own access levels. We strongly advise that you use individual logins as you may require this for PCI accreditation, and this will also log which username has performed an action.
How do I set up email confirmations of an order?
This is done within MyST. Please refer to the Rule Manager documentation for more information.
Can I accept multiple currencies on my site?
Yes, but this depends entirely on your acquirer. Please speak to support for more information.
I am seeing AUTH CODE: TEST when processing payments.
You are currently processing on a test account; you will need to ensure you request for your main account to be switched live and that your code is pointing to the correct site reference.

EG:  mycompany67890 instead of test_mycompany67891

I’m getting the following error “No account found” what might cause this?
You are trying to process a card type / currency / account type (ECOM / MOTO etc) that your account isn’t setup to process.
Why is no money being paid into my bank account? I put my website “Live” a week ago.
If your account is live, and your transactions are settling as expected, please speak to your acquiring bank.  If you are unsure of this, please call Support and we’ll point you in the right direction.  You would need to speak to your acquiring bank to find out where they are paying the money into.