Using Secure Trading Payment Pages you can:

  • Process payments on our own dedicated HTTPS servers (that use the SSL protocol) that allow you to process secure and reliable transactions.
  • Process payments without storing credit card details on your server.
  • Customise the Payment Pages with custom CSS to maintain the look and feel of your online store.
  • Accept a large variety of currencies.
  • Track all transactions using our online transaction management system, MyST.

For integration information please contact our support team on 01248 672050.


Payment Pages Setup Guide

The STPP Payment Pages system allows you to process e-commerce transactions safely and securely through Secure Trading’s servers. There is no need for you to store or capture card details on your own servers, as Secure Trading will handle this. The same holds for processing 3D Secure Transactions or transactions with 3rd parties, such as PayPal.


STPP Testing Document

During integration with Secure Trading’s systems, the merchant can perform tests on the system using the details supplied within this document.


STPP Subscription Engine

This document describes how the Secure Trading Subscription Engine manages recurring payments through the Secure Trading Payment Platform.


STPP Chargebacks

This document describes how Chargebacks are processed using the Secure Trading Payment Platform (STPP).


MyST Rule Manager

The Rule Manager interface enables you to create rules on your account, which perform automated actions when pre-specified conditions are met. e.g. URL notifications following a successful transaction