Unlock The Value Of An Expert Payment Partner

Online payment service providers help businesses and merchants process transactions. It’s an operational function; an essential service if a business or organisation wants to accept payment cards and alternative payment methods online.

However, when a business requires a payment partner to provide services for their customers too, it becomes more than an operational relationship. In this scenario the business needs to build a trusted partnership where services and values are aligned with their business objectives and their customers’ requirements.

Our experience working with channel partners, such as website developers and online marketplace platforms, shows that this relationship has real value for all parties. Channel partners can build their reputation, access new markets and confidently refer their customers to a trusted payment provider. Customers benefit from a payment gateway and / or acquiring services that are fully integrated with the platforms they use; and enable them to grow their businesses by processing payments online both in their domestic market and overseas.

The Importance Of Payment Partners

The relationship goes both ways. We recently partnered with hotel booking platform Profitroom, having been introduced by our customer Finn Lough Resort. When Finn Lough decided to work with Profitroom they also wanted to integrate their existing payment gateway with the booking platform. Our integration team worked tirelessly to ensure that this was a success, ensuring that Finn Lough could continue using their preferred payment gateway and also helping Profitroom on board their new customer.

Testimonials like this speak for themselves:

“Secure Trading is by far the most user friendly and transparent payment provider we have used. They were really proactive in integrating with Profitroom as they could see the potential for us as a client and how that would in turn benefit them, something not always common, especially with the larger providers.” Michael Beare, Director, Finn Lough

Payment Experts Help You Reach New Markets And Customers

There is further value to be unlocked by partnering with expert payment service providers. Market and sector insights can make a significant difference to whether you or your customers successfully launch online in your domestic market, or achieve global objectives. By partnering with a payment service provider with extensive experience in your sector and the markets your business is targeting, you can access expert support and knowledge that might otherwise be unavailable.

Online payment experts can also help your business develop your global business strategies: providing access to a wide range of currencies and payment methods, and working in partnership to launch the business in new markets.

With the right payment partner, this additional value and knowledge is freely available. You just need to ask.

There are further benefits for channel partners that can also help their businesses. Financial rewards for successful introductions can boost revenues, and partner events ensure that your business is at the forefront of innovative developments across the payments industry. With the support of an expert payment partner you can delver more value to your customers, helping them grow their business and helping you reach customers that need a trusted payment service provider.

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