UK Online Gaming And Fraud Report: Infographic

In 2016 we commissioned a survey into the payments behaviour of iGamers, exploring how payment methods differed between gamers using a range of different demographics. This survey of 2,000 UK gamers has been disseminated into a report – Online Gaming and Fraud Report – that is available to download here.

Spending Habits of Gamers

We wanted to find out more about the spending habits of gamers. Do PC users prefer one payment to another? Or do ‘hardcore’ gamers display specific spending traits that gaming operators should know about?

The infographic below provides a snapshot of some of our findings, but for real insight you need to download the report.

With insights exploring gamers’ demographics – age, gender, location, preferred platform and payment method – it is possible to optimise the payment process for target audiences.

online gaming report infographic 2016

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