Scan and Go: the newest trend in shopping

With almost 50 million smartphones users in the UK, it is no wonder that yet another type of mobile payment has emerged. Scan and Go, like any other technology, has come along to make things easier and faster.

Scan and Go systems work by having customers download an app onto their smartphones, into which they scan the barcode of what they want to purchase. Products can then be packed directly into the customers’ bags, and the payment will be directly debited from their cards or accounts.

This new trend speeds up payment procedures as it eliminates the need for customers to queue at the check-out. For retailers, it allows them to have staff engaged in different tasks and removes the need to keep great quantities of cash in store.

scan and go

For this reason, Scan and Go is becoming particularly popular in supermarkets, with Tesco and Walmart having already adopted it. Despite it being a fairly new system, customer feedback has been positive about Scan and Go: Walmart’s Scan and Go app has a 4.5 star rating on the App Store.

Merchants are strongly encouraged to stay up to date with the latest developments in payment methods. Innovation is always welcomed by consumers if it makes their experience more pleasant.

As economies move towards being cashless, and mobile payments become increasingly mainstream, adhering to new methods of digital payments is vital to maintaining a strong position in the market.

Scan and Go has a series of benefits for retailers and customers:

  • No more lengthy payment processes
  • Scan and Go systems can be optimised to increase consumer experience by adding AI assistants, augmented reality and personalised adverts 
  • Customers can track their spending and feel more in control over their shopping experience 
  • By using the app, retailers will gather important insights into customers’ preferences, helping them to target customers more effectively
  • More choices for consumers and retailers to select the most suitable method of payment

Mobile payments are indeed making processes faster and more convenient, but it is important to remind merchants of the risks of keeping users’ sensitive information safe when going digital. With the GDPR coming in about six months, retailers need to be extra-careful when handling and storing customers’ personal data.

The upcoming EU regulation will require merchants to follow a range of steps to ensure maximum data protection. So, it is crucial to have full knowledge of new digital payment services and be aware of the risks in non-compliance.

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