How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment in 5 Simple Steps

A recent study by the Baynard Institute reported that 68.07% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the transaction is completed. Window shopping is something usually associated with the high street. However, with these statistics it’s understandable why cart abandonment is giving the e-retail industry a headache.  Below we’ve put together our five top tips for reducing your abandonment rate.

Product Information
Shopping online removes any sense of tangibility a customer could have with an item. They can’t touch it, smell it or taste it – all they can do is look at a picture, which sometimes simply isn’t enough. The product information you provide can mean the difference between customers completing a transaction or clicking away so consider this your secret weapon. Include an alluring and informative description and as many pictures as you can, as well as a video of the product in action. If possible offer price comparison to guarantee the best deal. Give your customers an idea of the size of the product. Clothing retailers have started to include the height and size of the models showcasing their clothes so customers can get a better idea of fit or length. Similarly, technology is appearing in models’ hands so it’s easier to gauge size – this can be particularly useful for cameras or other technology items. So to re-cap, include as much information as possible.

Checkout Usability
Filling a shopping cart can literally take minutes. Don’t waste this opportunity by then making your customers go through a lengthy checkout process, forcing them to register to complete the deal. Instead give them the option of being a ‘guest member’ to process the payment and at the end suggest they sign up – perhaps try tempting them with a percentage discount off their next order. This way you’ve won the initial business and have the possibility of repeat business – with the added bonus of an extra email address for your next targeted email campaign. Offer as many payment options as possible. If you are a small business you may want to think about adopting globally recognised widgets to boost customer confidence. Google Certified Shops is a great example as Google instils confidence being a household name.

Clear Delivery Options
E-consultancy suggested 50% of baskets are abandoned due to poor delivery options. Customers are demanding free, honest delivery policies and offering this really can make a difference. The average cost to deliver a standard small parcel via Royal Mail is £3.44. The question is whether you can afford to offer free delivery. Don’t worry if you can’t but do offer as many options as possible, including next or nominated day, Saturday delivery or even Click and Collect or Collect+, which gives your customers the option to pick the item up at their leisure. Whatever you do, make sure it’s clear – don’t keep delivery or return costs hidden until the end.

Cart Persistence
We’ve all been there – clicking away, adding items to our baskets and then clicking the wrong button, closing the web page. Annoying enough in itself, but what’s worse is when you open the website back up and your basket is empty, forcing you to start again – if you can be bothered. Irritating isn’t it? Well, imagine how your customers feel. Help them to help you by utilising a persistent cart or basket that doesn’t empty itself when the page is closed and can retain items for as many days as specified. The longer you can keep your customers’ items in their baskets, the better.

Follow-Up Email
Of the customers who have abandoned their baskets only 25% do not intend to return, meaning 75% of them do. The list of reasons people may not instantly complete an order is vast and varied, from inflexible delivery to the chicken they forgot about in the oven. Give your customers a gentle reminder about their shopping carts with a follow-up email an hour, 24 hours and a week after their initial visit. Don’t forget to use enticing copy and images of the items they were viewing.

If you would like any more information about the issues discussed today, or you want to upgrade your shopping cart to allow for cart persistence, call one of our friendly sales team on 0333 240 6000 who would be happy to discuss your options.