A multifaceted approach to security

Today it was announced that Morrisons supermarket had suffered a data breach, potentially due to insider activity rather than an external malicious attack.

Here, Oliver Eckel, CEO of our sister company Cognosec comments on the breach, and how a multifaceted approach to security is essential in the modern cyber landscape:

“The protection of sensitive data such as customer information, payment details, financial data, and intellectual property has become increasingly important for organisations, as the number of security incidents has skyrocketed. Security breaches are not only very damaging to an organisation’s reputation, and painful for their employees and clients, but also impose a severe financial burden.

“The prevention of damaging security breaches, both internal and external, requires organisations to ensure that security measures and systems such as access-rights management systems and data leakage prevention solutions and incident response procedures are in place and up to date.

“We at Cognosec are consistently confronted with troubled organisations dealing with such issues, but fortunately more and more organisations are coming to us before it becomes a problem.”