Applause for New Jersey internet gambling bill

Secure Trading’s parent company, UC Group, today applauds the approval of legislation that regulates internet gambling activity in New Jersey.

On Tuesday 26th February, Governor Chris Christie signed the legislation, backed by overwhelming bi-partisan support in the Assembly and Senate. Incorporating changes recommended in Christie’s earlier conditional veto, the bill’s passage follows the passage of similar legislation in Nevada, showcasing the growing support for creating a common-sense framework for protecting consumers, creating jobs and stimulating the economy. New Jersey, and Nevada, has historically been a jurisdiction upon which leading land-based gambling regulatory regimes were modelled and now both have regulatory regimes for Internet gambling.

“While a federal regime with consistent regulations and a broader offering would be the ideal, the developments in New Jersey and Nevada are definitely a step in the right direction,” said Rick Smith, head of government affairs, policy and regulation for UC Group, a leading online payment services company whose offering also encompasses age / identification and geo-location verification services. “This new law clearly positions New Jersey as a major hub domestically, and potentially globally, with the certain growth of the Internet gambling sector both in the US and abroad. Interestingly, both New Jersey and Nevada have Republican governors both of whom are rumoured to have aspirations for higher office.”

While Nevada passed a poker only bill, New Jersey’s bill permits casino games to be played online and potentially offered outside the state. However, due to its population size, New Jersey may be the first US state to have a viable opportunity to succeed in the launch of an intrastate Internet gambling regime.

New Jersey’s passage of the Internet gambling bill comes on top of previously authorised mobile betting for the horse tracks and mobile betting within casinos. New Jersey is also enmeshed in a tense court fight to allow wagers on sporting events.

Secure Trading is a specialist provider of payment services to the online gaming industry, and is poised to provide a complete suite of services in the US.