Q11. Will we receive a new contract or Pricing Schedule?

A11. No, as this is an industry wide change. The change to your scheme fee “+” is permitted under the merchant’s current terms and conditions and Pricing Schedule with STFS.

I had one log in for the legacy MyST, can I have more on the new platform?

Yes, you can have multiple users with different access levels on the new platform.

Are all the same reports available on the new platform?

You can still produce transaction lists and daily analysis as before, but the new platform offers much more flexibility in the way you produce reports. You can also now save them in CSV format for direct import into Excel.

I was using the automated TSV in ST2K. Is that still available?

We now have a CSV downloader and better reporting functions.

What’s new to MyST?

  • ST PayMe: a simplified, quicker way of requesting a payment from a customer. You can send an invoice email to a customer easily using ST PayMe, which contains a payment page link for them to go to and complete the payment.
  • Multiple Usernames: MyST can by used by multiple users with different access levels.
  • Notifications: you can set up a live URL or email to receive notifications for each payment you receive, including payment details.
  • Payment Page Redirects: you can set up success and error URLs which our system will use to redirect to automatically in the case of a successful or failed payment.

Will my MyST login be the same as it was before?

No, you will receive a brand new username and password for our new MyST area.

What version of Java will I need for STAPI?

You will need either Java 1.7 or 1.8, and use the relevant Java client in STPP.

I use Xpay on ST2K. What do I use on STPP?

You have two options in STPP: Webservices and STAPI.

  • Webservices: you no longer need to install and support a Java client. You can build your own requests/responses and submit them to a URL which is available to handle them.
  • STAPI: if you still prefer to install and support a Java client that will take care of the request/responses, you still have that option through our STAPI client.

There were special PayPal payments in ST2K, how does PayPal work on STPP?

On the new system, once your PayPal API details are added to your account then PayPal simply appears as a card type option on the payment screen; there is no integration required at all.

If you haven’t already supplied your PayPal API details to our support team, please refer to the following document: https://www.securetrading.com/files/documentation/Enabling-PayPal.pdf