Payment Pages

Secure Trading Payment Pages are for merchants who want a simple and easily implemented way of adding e-payment capability to their online commerce systems. SecureTrading Payment Pages work with custom-designed ecommerce systems as well as with many commercially available shopping cart applications.

Using SecureTrading Payment Pages you can:

  • Process payments on our own dedicated HTTPS servers (that use the SSL protocol) that allow you to process secure and reliable transactions.
  • Process payments without storing credit card details on your server.
  • Customise the Payment Pages with custom CSS to maintain the look and feel of your online store.
  • Accept a large variety of currencies.
  • Track all transactions using our online transaction management system, MyST.

For integration information please contact our support team on 01248 672050.

How do I customise my payment pages?

You can customise the look of your form page (including adding logos etc) by utilising our CSS files. You can either use one of our premade templates, or you can take our template and completely customise this / create your own CSS from scratch.

For more information (and for a copy of our CSS template files), please refer to the Payment Pages Setup Guide.

My payment page is not displaying any card types.

The card types that display on your payment page are taken dynamically from the merchant number enabled on your account. If you have not provided us with a merchant number for the currency and payment type in your request, then no card types will be displayed. Please contact Secure Trading Support.

When I pass a payment for a particular currency, no card types are displayed on my payment page.

As above, this means that the merchant number you have provided is not set up for the currency you are attempting to process.

How do I set up email confirmations of an order?

You will need to use the notifications section of MyST to setup an email confirmation. Please refer to the MyST User Guide.

Can I update my own system when an order is placed through Secure Trading?

This can also be done via notifications. As above, please refer to the MyST User Guide for information on how to do this.