MyST is a secure interface providing online real-time access to your payment history. The status of every transaction can be tracked, allowing your Secure Trading account to be managed more effectively.

Using MyST you can:

  • View, refund, repeat or reverse your credit and debit card transactions in one place
  • Set permission levels for different types of users
  • Specify the settlement date of your card transactions
  • Change the amount of the transaction
  • Download transaction details and export into your accounting software
  • Upload and manage payment pages and email templates to our secure servers
  • Pay your Secure Trading invoices easily via credit or debit card
  • Authorise payments that cannot be processed online – for example, telephone orders and orders by post via your Virtual Terminal for MOTO transactions
  • Access and view your PayPal transactions
  • Access Secure Trading Identity Check and Secure Trading Card Check

For more information please contact our support team on 01248 672050.

Can I allow individual access to the MyST area i.e. provide each user with their own login details?

You can set up different usernames through the MyST area and provide these with their own unique roles in the system, such as full access, view only access, developer only access etc. For more information, please refer to our MyST User Guide.

I’ve forgotten my administrator password, what do I do?

You would need to email [email protected] in order to reset the password. Please provide both the username you need the password resetting for, and the site reference of the account you are using.

Why do I get “Internal Server Error” when clicking on the virtual terminal in MyST?

The username you have created might not have been allocated any site references, meaning it has no access to any accounts. To rectify this, select “User Details” and search for the username, then click “Allocated Sites”. Ensure you press the green arrow against the site reference to send this over to the allowed site references for that user, then click save changes. For more information, please refer to the MyST User Guide.