Does it cost anything to move to the new platform?

No, there are no additional charges to move across to the new platform.

How do I get a new account on the new platform?

Email [email protected] with your ST2K platform credentials and we will reply with all the new details.

Do I have to request to go live?

No, your new site reference will be live and active as soon as you receive it and you can start running live transactions immediately.

How long does it take to receive the new platform credentials?

Once [email protected] have received the request you will have your new credentials within 24 hours.

Will my site reference remain the same?

No. Once we have copied your details across to our new platform, you will receive brand new test and live site references.

Is my shopping cart compatible with the new platform?

Please refer to https://www.securetrading.com/partners/shopping-carts/ for a list of shopping carts that are already integrated to the new platform. If you can’t see your shopping cart there please let us know and we can advise you of the migration plan.

Can I use ST2K and STPP at the same time while I am integrating?

Yes, they are completely separate systems and do not affect each other.

Are refunds, authorisations, settlements and fraud/risk checks supported on the new platform?

Yes, all the features of the old platform are also available on the new platform – along with lots of new capabilities.

I run repeat transactions in ST2K. Can I still repeat them in STPP?

The repeat option is still available within the new platform, but your legacy system initial transactions are separate and cannot be carried over to the new platform – meaning you will have to start the transactions over. Please email [email protected] for further information.

What new features are there in STPP?

By migrating to STPP you can take advantage of a wide range of new features:

  • Card Store: allows you to store a customer’s card details in our system without performing an initial authorisation payment. These details can then be used for future authorisations.
  • Tokenisation: allows you to use the unique ID of a previous transaction as a token for future transactions from the same payment instrument that was used.
  • Account check: helps you to minimise fraud – validate payment and customer details without funds being reserved or transferred by the request.
  • Multiple Usernames: MyST can by used by multiple users with different access levels.
  • Enhanced Reporting: a more sophisticated and flexible version of MyST means you can build any report that you might need and gain far more detailed business intelligence.
  • Webservices: if you are using our ST2K API, you can move across to our Webservices on the new platform, which will allow you to directly send and receive payment requests without having to install and support a Java Client on your server.

Can I still customise the appearance of my payment page?

Yes, you can fully customise your payment page using CSS and Javascript.

I use callback on the legacy platform, can I still use it on the new STPP platform?

The callback function has been replaced with notifications and redirects.

I use multiple payment pages on ST2K. Can you still do this on STPP?

Yes, you can create multiple CSS and/or Javascript files to change the styling of each of your payment pages. If you are also using multiple callbacks on the legacy system, we will set you up with multiple site references on the new system so you can configure notifications and redirects appropriately.

Do I just re-upload the merchant files?

No, there are no files to upload, other than any CSS/Javascript files you might use to modify the look of your payment pages.

There were special PayPal payments in ST2K, how does PayPal work on STPP?

On the new system, once your PayPal API details are added to your account then PayPal simply appears as a card type option on the payment screen; there is no integration required at all.

If you haven’t already supplied your PayPal API details to our support team, please refer to the following document: https://www.securetrading.com/files/documentation/Enabling-PayPal.pdf

I use Xpay on ST2K. What do I use on STPP?

You have two options in STPP: Webservices and STAPI.

  • Webservices: you no longer need to install and support a Java client. You can build your own requests/responses and submit them to a URL which is available to handle them.
  • STAPI: if you still prefer to install and support a Java client that will take care of the request/responses, you still have that option through our STAPI client.

What version of Java will I need for STAPI?

You will need either Java 1.7 or 1.8, and use the relevant Java client in STPP.

Will my MyST login be the same as it was before?

No, you will receive a brand new username and password for our new MyST area.

What’s new to MyST?

  • ST PayMe: a simplified, quicker way of requesting a payment from a customer. You can send an invoice email to a customer easily using ST PayMe, which contains a payment page link for them to go to and complete the payment.
  • Multiple Usernames: MyST can by used by multiple users with different access levels.
  • Notifications: you can set up a live URL or email to receive notifications for each payment you receive, including payment details.
  • Payment Page Redirects: you can set up success and error URLs which our system will use to redirect to automatically in the case of a successful or failed payment.

I was using the automated TSV in ST2K. Is that still available?

We now have a CSV downloader and better reporting functions.

Are all the same reports available on the new platform?

You can still produce transaction lists and daily analysis as before, but the new platform offers much more flexibility in the way you produce reports. You can also now save them in CSV format for direct import into Excel.

I had one log in for the legacy MyST, can I have more on the new platform?

Yes, you can have multiple users with different access levels on the new platform.