Web Services

Secure Trading Web Services is for merchants who want to use their own secure servers, but wish to use Secure Trading’s payment network as part of their own ecommerce application. The Web Services interface allows merchants to submit a request to Secure Trading using a client program, providing a username and password for authentication. Unlike STAPI, no client needs to be installed on your own server to use Web Services.

Using Secure Trading Web Services you can:

  • Automate refunds and authorisation reversals, and control the settlement schedule for each transaction.
  • Have development capability and write applications that can process payments.
  • Integrate a payment solution into back-office or legacy systems.

For more information please contact our support team on 01248 672050.


STPP Testing Document

During integration with Secure Trading’s systems, the merchant can perform tests on the system using the details supplied within this document.


STPP Subscription Engine

This document describes how the Secure Trading Subscription Engine manages recurring payments through the Secure Trading Payment Platform.


STPP Chargebacks

This document describes how Chargebacks are processed using the Secure Trading Payment Platform (STPP).


XML Reference – XML Specification

This document is to be used as a reference when viewing any XML throughout Secure Trading’s documentation. The conventions used to describe XML Requests and Responses are outlined.


XML Reference – Card Store

Card Store Requests allow merchants to store a customer’s card details in Secure Trading’s systems without performing an initial authorisation payment. These details can then be used for future requests.


XML Reference – 3D Secure

This document outlines how to perform Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode transactions, more commonly known as 3D Secure, through Secure Trading.


XML Reference – Transaction Query

This document outlines performing Transaction Query Requests through Secure Trading. Transaction Query Requests allow the merchant to poll Secure Trading’s systems for the status of transactions.


XML Reference – DCC

The purpose of this document is to provide the reader with an understanding of Dynamic Currency Conversion, and how it can be processed via Secure Trading’s systems.


XML Reference – ACH

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions allow the Merchant to accept payment from or make a payment to the Customer’s Bank Account.


XML Reference – Bank Transfers

This is an XML specification for the STPP system and details how a merchant can accept Bank Transfers as methods of payment. This is only available for certain European Banks.